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Monday: Chickens

What do chickens eat?  What breeds are on the farm?  How often do they lay eggs?  How do we care for them?

Tuesday: Pollinators

What are pollinators and why are they important?  What are some native pollinator plants in CT?

Wednesday: Garden Day

What does "in season" mean?  What foods grow best in CT and why? 

Let's plant a garden!

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Thursday: Strong Farm History

What was a typical day on the farm like in the late 1800s?  How is it different from present day?

Friday: End of Week Celebration

What have we learned & how can we apply it at home or around our community?


Aug. 22 - Aug. 26, 2022 (M-F)


1-3 PM




274 West Street

Vernon CT 06066

$125 per child

Camp will be held rain or shine with all activities held either outside or in the barn.  This is a drop-off camp.

Questions?  Email us here.

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