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Learning through play and exploration.

With over 20 years of experience teaching kids as well as my journey with our own son, I've learned a thing or two about how little ones operate.  I've taken that knowledge, boiled it down and created our Recipe For Success, the framework around which all our instruction operates.

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The Recipe for Success is built on the Four E's:  Entertain, Expose, Educate and Explore.

While each layer is important, the order in which we implement them is key.  Each layer is built on the strength of the previous layer.

ENTERTAIN: First and foremost, learning should be fun!  We know that creating positive experiences within education is the first step in nurturing life-long learners.

EXPOSE: Now that we’ve shown how fun learning can be, we can gently introduce new concepts while building on what they already know.


EDUCATE:  Here is where we learn the whys and hows.  Why do bees live in hives?  Why is it important to take care of our planet and how can we do it?


EXPLORE: We’ve reached the final step!  We’ve discovered how fun learning can be.  We’ve discovered new concepts .  We’ve learned some whys and hows.  Now we can take what we’ve learned and explore!  Create.  Experiment.  Tinker with new ideas and have FUN!

We hope you find our Recipe for Success helpful in your own home and are excited for your child to experience our approach first-hand in one of our dynamic classes. 

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